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For editing, retouching, and/or composite quotes, please email me a link to the image(s) you'd like edited, retouched, and/or composited (combined).

Please also let me know the issue(s) you're hoping to solve. It's alright if you're not quite sure what you'd like to have done with the image, just let me know and we can work through it together.


How real will my photos look? Will I be able to tell they've been retouched?

My focus is on providing final retouched images that appear as close to reality as possible. If I feel that is not possible, I will let you know right away.

What's the difference between editing, retouching, and compositing?

I always focus on realism. The final images are always professional, and natural (unless you specifically request otherwise, like if your child wants a unicorn in their front yard).

Editing involves minor, basic adjustments : color correction, exposure compensation, adding clarity and contrast adjustments. I include correction of minor blemishes as part of editing.

Retouching includes more intensive edits : removing distracting elements (such as pieces of hair that are in the way),  "tweaking" parts of the image to improve appearances.

Composites are a combination of two or more images. For instance, in real estate photography, combining separate images to achieve the look of evenly-lit rooms.

Any other questions? Contact me and ask - I'm always happy to help!

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